14-Difference Between BMP and Vector

Laser cutter software RDworks v8 tutorial 14 Difference Between BMP and Vector

Hi guys, this is ken from Thunderlaser.
We can see there’re two blue layers in this job. The layer with a “BMP” inside is a BMP layer. The other is a vector layer. So what’s the difference? Let’s double click the BMP layer first. We can see the processing mode has only one selection – scan mode. Now click the vector layer, we can see there’re three selections, scan, cut and dot. In general, BMP is usually used to engrave photos and vector can be for both engraving and cutting jobs.
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Knowledge extension

What is a vector diagram?Vector drawing is a mathematical vector way to record image lines and color blocks.The characteristics of vector diagram

1. The memory capacity occupied by the file is very small;

2. There is no distortion during operations such as zoom-in and zoom-out, and it has nothing to do with resolution;

3. The image tone is simple, the color change is not many, the drawing graph is not very lifelike;

Main type

There are many formats of vector graphics, mainly including AI/EPS/SVG of illustrator, DWG/DXF of AutoCAD and CDR/PLT of CorelDRAW