11-how to engraving double color board

Double color board is smoother, finer and more stable for laser engraving than many other materials. We can make many inspiring engraving works from this kind of material. In this episode, ranging from image process skills to parameter settings, let our laser veteran reveal the tricks and tips in details and overall.

Ready to engrave two tone acrylic

To carve good transparent colored plastic sheets, find a picture with high contrast and a prominent main body.
The parameters of engraving and cutting of laser engraving plastic sheets are different.
Shallow engraving is suitable for a high speed of 1000mm/s, 15 low power. And weak air blowing is important to ensure clear and clean engraving.
The racing line on the laser cut plastic sheet uses a medium speed of 300 mm/s and a low power of 15.
When turning, corner power can be set and weak air blowing can prevent too-deep line tracing and corner burning.
The cutting set is 40mm/s low speed, 60 high power, and strong air blowing to avoid incomplete cutting.
The sculpture of the cut work is clear and all can be cut off, but the outer frame can feel a bit rough, which cannot be avoided.
After carving and cutting, wipe and clean two-tone acrylic with alcohol to obtain a beautiful work.