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Unloading And Moving The Thunder Nova Into The Room

May 30, 2024

Method 1

Unloading Near the Doorstep Utilize a truck equipped with lifting doors for transportation. Employ a manual forklift to maneuver the box to the truck’s edge, then lower the machine. Lastly, transfer the machine indoors using the manual forklift.

Method 2

Utilizing an Empty Outdoor Area Unpack the machine outdoors after unloading. Equipped with four wheels, easily maneuver the machine into the room without hassle.

Method 3

Unloading at a Distance Utilize a small manual forklift to position the machine near the truck’s edge. Then, utilize a powered forklift to lift and transport the machine to the doorstep for unloading.

Just to add

Additionally, if the door size poses a challenge, consider dismantling the machine before indoor relocation. Remember to unpack the box prior to disassembly.

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