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Laser Engraving-Wooden Bottle Opener

September 1, 2023


    Hey, are you still thinking about what to make with your laser machine? Why not try something different today – a custom bottle opener! Instead of lightweight plastic, how about using more substantial, weighty oak wood? Choosing a hefty bottle opener adds a sense of occasion and ritual to cracking open a drink. Engraving grooves for patterns or text into the wood makes the beverage taste even more flavorful.

    laser projects file:Download


    Machine and lens:

    • Bolt Pro 22 30w
    • 2.0 lens

    Materials needed:

    • A piece of beech wood

    Parameters used in the process:

    • Speed:1500mm/s
    • Power:80%
    • DPI:335DPI
    • Parameter Example



    Come and try!

    Opening a bottle is a small but satisfying everyday experience. While generic openers get the job done, having a personalized custom opener can transform this daily action into something more special. The heft and contour of natural wood feels pleasing in the hand. Tracing your fingers over the laser-etched grooves connects you more intimately to the object. Hearing the soft pop as you pry off the metal cap rewards your effort. Even before taking a sip, custom details make uncorking a drink more mindful and enjoyable. With something handmade just for you, a humble bottle cap becomes the preamble to a gratifying everyday ceremony.

    Let your laser engraver unlock creative potential in small moments. Simple custom touches turn routine into ritual.



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