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Laser Engraving-Suede Eyeglass Cloths

June 21, 2024


Let’s make cool laser-engraved suede eyeglass cloths! The laser burns tiny designs into the soft fabric, making it look awesome while still being great for cleaning. Think up any pattern you want – we can put it on your cloth!

Machine Used

Thunder Bolt 30w

Material Needed

A piece of suede


  • Engraving Speed:1000mm/s
  • Engraving Power:20%
  • DPI: 300

Step 1

Import the file into LightBurn, adjust the size, position, and settings. Check out to ensure everything is in order.
suede eyeglass cloths 1

Step 2

suede eyeglass cloths 2
Once everything is set, click ‘Print’ to initiate your laser machine’s operation.

Come and Try!

These aren’t just for show – they’re super handy too. The suede is gentle on your lenses, wiping away smudges without scratching. And those laser designs? They make the cloth easier to hold while you clean.

Turn boring old eyeglass cloths into something special with lasers. You’ll love showing them off to your friends. And the best part? You’ll use them all the time to keep your view crystal clear. How cool is that?

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