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STEAM Course | Explore the mysterious kingdom of mathematics—- Make the Mobius strip

July 26, 2022

Foreward:The national first laser STEAM Education are readying now. Mr.Paul will bring you into the creative word of laser makers on time every Wednesday. Today, what’s amazing idea will Mr.Paul give us? Let’s study together.

In A.D. 1858, the German mathematician Mobius found that put a piece of paper after turn 180° then made of two head to adhesive tape. That has the nature of magic.Ordinary paper tape has two sides, and can be painted in different colors.With only one surface, a bug can crawl across the entire surface without crossing its edge.This magical paper strip is known as the Mobius strip.

Amazing creation:

The Mobius belt is widely used in our life. It has special applications not only in architecture and art, but also in industry.

The famous American tire company, BFGoodrich, has creatively made the conveyor to the Mobius strip, which has doubled the life of the tyre.

So the magic of the Mobius strip, do you want to have it?

Following our STEAM course, it’s easy to create the amazing Mobius strip by three steps.

Firstly, let’s finish software operation by a simple three-step.

First step: importing the blueprint into the thunderlaser software Lasermaker.

Import design drawing

Second step: selecting the corresponding parameters according to the material’s type and thickness in the parameter setting panel.

Set the parameters

Third step: clicking the “load” button then transfer the design to the machine, ready to start the laser cutting.

Transfer to machine

As well, machine’s operation is finished by three-step.

First step: pressing the position button to determine the initial position.

Second step: pressing the border button to determine the scope of the machine work.

Third step: pressing the start/pause button, let machine start to work. Let’s begin to create miraculously.

Perfect ending

Mobius strip means a man still walk on the road that he can see and he will never stop. Our laser cutter machine make the Mobius strip quickly, it was very nice! Would you like to experience the magic of the Mobius strip with me or your friend? Let’s get it.

Extracurricular expanding:

In addition, Mr. Paul have another idea that is so interesting. He glues the two Mobius strips together, and then cut them along the middle of each of the Mobius strips and then it will turn into two heart-shaped shapes. Did you think it amazing? So sweet and interesting, and if you like it, hand on it!

Amazing laser makes amazing things. Watch our STEAM education series lessons every Wednesday. Let’s look forward to the wonderful creation experience that Mr. Paul will bring to us. I will meet you on the same time next week.

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