Laser Engraving-Pillow

July 10, 2023

Hello, are you still looking for what you can do with a laser? Why not give your family a heart warming pillow? Customize the pillow with your own characteristics with laser. Let’s enjoy the fun of building things with lasers.

Tip: The design must be modified according to the actual type and size of the material used before it can be used.

laser cutter file:Download

Machine and lens:

  • ODIN 22 30W
  • 2.0 lens

Materials needed:

  • A flannal pillow

Parameters used in the process:

  • Speed:1500mm/s
  • Power:50%
  • DPI:335DPI
  • Parameter Example

Come and try!

    Pillows are placed on the beds and sofas in our homes, often used to support heads and waists. But wouldn’t it be cool to have pillows that can be used for decoration as well as for leaning? Use these small items to make your home more special.


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