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Laser Cutting-Thank-you Card

December 7, 2023

Still pondering what to create with your laser machine? If you have a friend you’ve wanted to express gratitude, come and make them a thank-you card! We’re always interacting with friends, receiving their help and sharing experiences together. Greeting cards are a common way to convey emotions, often given on birthdays or holidays. Unique thank-you card will no wonder show your gratitude and creativity to your friend. Let’s enjoy the fun of building things with lasers.

laser projects file:Download

Machine and lens:

  • Odin 22 30w
  • 2.0 lens

Materials needed:

  • A paperboard

Parameters used in the process:

  • Speed:75mm/s
  • Power:6%
  • DPI:335DPI



Come and try!

    We frequently decorate cards through folding, drawings or cutouts. But laser machines add more creation possibilities! Fine intricate cuts are easier than manual scissors for ornate card design. By other ways, pierced cutout silhouettes may prove difficult or time-consuming to achieve. However, lasers achieve them effortlessly and quickly.

    Imagine your friend’s delighted surprise receiving your customized token of appreciation! As they open your envelope and take out the card, an explosion of intricate patterns will unfold dramatically. Your heartfelt message nested inside the personalized card will seal cherished memories. With lasers providing the creative assist, conveying your inner feelings becomes an art form celebrating meaningful relationships!


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