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Laser Cutting-Art Coasters

August 21, 2023


    Hey, are you still thinking about what you can make with a laser? Take a look at these unique coasters! Laser engravers can not only etch text and patterns into coasters, but also cut and separate pieces through perforation. For example, these double-layer coasters I’m showing you are aesthetically pleasing and can be split into two halves! Let’s enjoy the fun of building things with lasers.

    laser projects files:Download

    Machine and lens:

    • Odin 22 30w
    • 2.0 lens

    Materials needed:

    • A piece of beech wood

    Parameters used in the process:

    • Engraving Speed:1500mm/s
    • Engraving Power:80%
    • Cutting Speed:20mm/s
    • Cutting Power:75%
    • DPI:335DPI
    • Parameter Example




    Come and try!

      The engraving and cutting capabilities of lasers already allow us to showcase creativity. If you find engraving alone to be monotonous, try switching up the design by incorporating more cut elements, giving you more room to customize anything around you. We’ve already customized many coasters before, changing up materials and patterns, but this latest design with cutting and assembly still feels refreshingly novel. By expanding our thinking, we can unlock more creativity and make laser customization more diverse and vibrant!


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