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Laser engrave and cut rubber stamp

How to produce fine rubber stamps simply and quickly? Thunderlaser engraving and cutting machine is a good choice.

Hi Everyone,This is Amy from Thunderlaser.Miss Sonia From Ready for Laser sent me some special Rubber for Laser engraving and according our test,we found it’s really nice quality to make a stamp with our Nova35.Now let’s see how it works.

laser engrave rubber stamp

The rubber stamp app is lightburn matched Thunderlaser machine. Only a laser emitted by a CO2 laser tube is needed to laser cut rubber. It only takes a few minutes for rubber with a length of 50mm and a width of 50mm.

It also supports batch production. Just copying rubber stamps on the lightburn panel can produce rubber stamps in batches at one time.

However, make it note that there will be white debris on the rubber surface after fabrication, so it is necessary to wash it with a toothbrush.
It can also make a beautiful mermaid rubber stamp. Come and buy one and take it a try!

Common Questions About Laser Engraving Rubber Stamps:

1.What should be considered when laser engraving rubber stamps?

When designing stamp graphics, ensure that the design file has been mirrored; otherwise, the pattern will be imprinted in reverse. To achieve clear and clean impressions on paper, we need to set the ‘Ramp length’ in the LightBurn software to provide sturdy support for stamp pressing. Ramp length is generally set to 0.6mm.

2.How deep should laser engraving on rubber stamps be?

The engraving depth for rubber stamps should be set to 0.9 – 1.1 mm.

Here are the setting parameters for Odin32 55W:

ModeSpeed mm/sMax power %Mini power%DPIBi-directional

3.Can laser cut rubber?

Yes, lasers can cut rubber into various shapes, such as circles, rectangles, or other designs.

4.How to choose the right focusing lens for engraving rubber stamps?

For stamps with a lot of text and intricate details, it is recommended to use a 1.5″ focusing lens.

5.How to deal with harmful fumes produced during rubber cutting?

Laser processing of rubber produces odors and harmful fumes, so it is essential to have a robust dust extraction and purification system. The filtration system should also include activated carbon filters to remove odors. It is recommended to perform laser engraving in a top-down manner to prevent the accumulation of smoke and dust particles, which can affect engraving quality

6.How to further improve production efficiency?

Laser engraving of rubber requires relatively high laser power to achieve a certain level of production efficiency. The higher the laser power, the faster the laser engraving speed.

7.How to clean engraved rubber?

After engraving, it is necessary to clean and tidy up the rubber material to remove residual laser dust and burrs. Cleaning can be done using a brush or cleaning cloth, followed by rinsing with water. Alternatively, an ultrasonic cleaning machine can be used for thorough cleaning.