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13-Combine Engraving and Cutting

Laser cutter software RDworks v8 tutorial 13 Combine Engraving and Cutting

Hi everyone, this is ken from Thunderlaser. If we would like to engrave some letters and then cut them out, how should we set the parameters?
First, select the letters then move to the bottom of the window to change the layer color of the letters.
Now the letters have been changed into blue layer. But we still need to change the processing mode.
Set the processing mode into scan. And set the speed, power etc. Now your laser cuter will engrave the letters first and then cut them out. We can send the file to the laser cutter now.

Laser Operational Tips

1.Double-Check Settings: Before starting, carefully check the laser cutter’s power, speed, focus, and other settings to ensure they are suitable for your material and design.

2.Layer Processing: For complex designs, perform engraving first and cutting second. This prevents any movement of the material that could cause engraving errors after cutting.

Laser Practical Operation Advice

1.Optimize Design Files: Optimize your design files in the design software, ensuring proper path order and layer settings. Prioritize engraving detailed parts before cutting.

2.Material Securing: Secure the material firmly to prevent it from shifting during operation, which could cause errors.

3.Focus Adjustment: Adjust the laser head’s focus according to the material’s thickness and type. Accurate focus is crucial, especially when cutting thicker materials.