10—How to engrave a nice wood painting

To engrave a nice wood painting, we need not only to set proper parameter settings, but also combine the skills of choosing a proper image and photo processing tips.

The following parameters are the standard parameters for nova35-80 w machines. If you are using a laser cutting machine with other wattages, the power and speed parameters need to be adjusted according to the actual wattage of the laser tube. Moreover, when engraving with the standard head of Thunder laser, the focal length must be aligned at 6mm.

After selecting the picture to be engraved, we can set the engraving parameters.

First: Power set to 8%

Second, the speed is set to 500mm/s

Third: Choose to blow to better protect the lens.

Fourth: Because the plywood is a relatively rough material, the engraving interval can be set at 0.08 mm.

Key points of plywood carving:

First, in order to highlight the main body of the sculpture and enhance the three-dimensional sense of the picture, the software is used to convert the ordinary bitmap into a sketch.

Second, judge whether the picture is suitable for laser engraving with the sketch judgment method.

Third: power, speed, spacing and other engraving parameters set in the appropriate range. Of course, how to set these parameters appropriate, need to use more laser engraving machine to practice makes perfect.