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Unboxing Thunder Laser Bolt Guide

May 30, 2024

Step 1. Ready a workstation or a desk that you’ve purchase

Step 2. Open Packaging in order

Cut off these nylon straps of bolt box that are holding the cardboard box, and then take the cover off of the box. You will find a tool kit on the machine and put it aside.
step 1 unboxing Thunder Bolt

Step 3. Remove foam and cardboard shell

Carefully remove all of the foam that protect the machine safe during the shipping.
step 2 unboxing Thunder Bolt

Step 4. Carefully remove stretch film

Carefully find a good location and go ahead. Pulling the saran wrap away and cut it off.
step 3 unboxing Thunder Bolt

Step 5. Move bolt to the desk with two people

The machine is not very heavy, but you are still going to want a little bit help to lift this up and move it on to the workstation you purchased.
step 4 unboxing Thunder Bolt

Step 6. Cut off all cable ties inside the machine

Check your machine. Use some wire cutter try to find all of these zip ties and cut them which is kept in here for safety reasons while in transport.

But be careful, just cut off some, not all.

step 5 unboxing Thunder Bolt

Step 6. Make sure all tools are present

step 6 unboxing Thunder Bolt
Unboxing completed!

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