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Laser Engraving-Christmas Box

February 18, 2024


Still pondering what to do with your laser machine? Come and create a Christmas box! You might have made plenty of Christmas decorations and gifts, so why not gather them all in a box with the same festive spirit? Carve Christmas blessings and tree patterns onto a special cane box, and when opened, it reveals neatly arranged Christmas creations. Both inside and out, the box brings holiday joy. Give it a try!

Machine Used

Nova 35 80w

Material Needed

A cane box


  • Engraving Speed:500mm/s
  • Engraving Power:10%
  • DPI:335DPI
  • Defocusing distance: Parfocal+2.5
  • Hatch Type: bidirectional

Step 1

Import the file into LightBurn, adjust the size, position, and settings. Check out to ensure everything is in order.
christmas box 1

Step 2

Once everything is set, click ‘Print’ to initiate your laser machine’s operation.
christmas box 2

Come and Try!

Laser creations always shine during the holidays, and you can choose to gather these creative works together. A box or display shelf is a great option. When you place scattered holiday creations in a box engraved with holiday symbols, they become more thematic and unified, while also serving as excellent storage and organization.

Building themed items using your laser customizations multiplies decorative possibilities. Unleash your inner interior stylist this season! Encase disparate handmade pieces in customized containers reflecting their contents for harmonious, spirited holiday environments.

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