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PNG Custom Gifts Makes your Dream Gifts Come True

Glennallen Trotti and Penny J Trotti run PNG Custom Gifts together, an art studio that creates custom laser-etched gifts. They design and fabricate any imaginable gift by using laser machines, including IE wine glasses, coasters, mirrors, and more.
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Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to their craft. It’s incredible what ideas they can bring to life with their skills. Simple wood carvings are most common where you can etch intricate patterns and lettering into plaques. What’ more, you can carve complex designs like maps into the material.
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But don’t limit your imagination. Even with basic wood, there are lots of creative options. PNG Custom Gifts recently executed an idea they’ve always had but never implemented – using their Thunder Laser Machine to custom engrave table tops! The large surface provides great visual impact, and the depth of the etchings makes the table more interesting. With a quality laser machine, the possibilities are endless for what you can create on countless objects.
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They are now proud members of the Blairsville Union County Chamber of Commerce. With a commitment to not charging for extended design-times or extra revisions, PNG Custom Gifts refinedly crafts each client’s imagined perfect gift.
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With their exciting laser crafts, PNG Custom Gifts showcases their artistry at countless fairs and festivals, like the Annual Bluegrass & Barbecue Festival and Arts, Crafts & Music Festivals. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and finely laser-etched, delighting customers and spectators.

Lasers make designs easier to achieve, and creativity makes life more beautiful. With dedication to excellence, PNG Custom Gifts brings more dream gifts to reality day after day.

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