September 23, 2022


Thunder Laser is successfully exhibited at the VIETNAM INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL FAIR in Vietnam from Oct 23th to 26th
Vietnam laser cutter
The VIETNAM INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL FAIR is one of the well-known and important brand exhibitions in southeast Asia with a history of 18 years.CO2 laser machine is quite suitable for industrial application. It brings great help to industry with precise cutting and engraving.
Vietnam laser cutter
Because of time, we didn’t show our machine, but it aroused people’s curiosity, and the result was beyond our expectation. Through the introduction of colleagues, let more exhibitors to know our brand and the application of laser cutter machine.
Vietnam laser cutter
The VIETNAM INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL FAIR is a large industrial exhibition, through which more people know our brand and machine, they consulted the machine characteristics and asked questions about the application of the machine. Through this exhibition, it is a matter of pride to show our machines to customers and gain recognition.

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