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The start of a Thunderlaser year marks a new beginning for us.

September 24, 2022

Reviewing the past and looking into the future, On December 29, 2017, Thunderlaser opened the 2017 annual summary and commendation meeting. Being guided by the general manager Mr. Chen biqin, we reviewed the growth of Thunderlaser from 2014 to 2017. Composition if the time flow, like the sunshine, under trees, we grow slowly and gradually mature. Step by step, we have achieved one goal after another. But above all, in our efforts, Thunderlaser’s sales increased more than doubled in 2017.

Reviewing the past and we are able to perform well with it- —-Mr. Chen, the general manager of Thunderlaser

Free from arrogance and rashness, to go all out——Amy

In the past year, Thunderlaser gain harvest a great deal. Being guided by Director of technology, Tom. LaserMaker was developed successfully. Lasermaker has comprehensive function, clear configuration and a user-friendly interface. Lasermaker has been enjoyed great popularity since put into the market. Such recognition will enable us to improve the function of the software in 2018, and will make more people use it with great facility.

Focus on one thing and you will succeed. ——Tom

One needs to take a longer view. Follow the concept of premier li Keqiang:We will also encourage people to start their own business and to make innovations.

Thunderlaser walked ahead of the laser STEAM maker education. Summarize the work of 2017 and make plans for the future in advance, as the deputy general manager of Thunderlaser, Ken introduced the market from Thunderlaser to the laser STEAM education. Now, lei yu has been researching and developing laser courses. Ken, Deputy General Manager from Thunderlaser introduced Thunderlaer from waking into the laser STEAM education market to nowadays, we are all researching and developing laser STEAM Maker education courses. For that, we formulated 10 major courses, 100 sets of teaching courses, 2,000 sets of design goals for 2018 in order to provide users with richer course content. At last, Ken vividly explained the significance of the topic through an example from the car’s design to the model of the car to the successful driving of the car. He said frankly that this idea will be came true and be shown in 2018. .

Dream about tomorrow, but live for today. ——Ken

From simple equipment sales to the development of maker courses, we are constantly exploring the way out of the laser. In order to let more people know laser equipment of Thunderlaser, Learn more about laser STEAM maker education. We’ve done a lot.in 2017, we participated in 26 different exhibition activities, let more people to experience the magic of laser cutting machine. Cooperate with school-enterprise to enable more students to use the advanced laser equipment to realize their maker’s dream. In 2018, we will participate in more exhibition activities. And let Thunderlaser’s machines spread all over the country.

Thunderlaser has been developing at an amazing speed and we are expecting many things from Tunderlaser in 2018. Thunderlaser’s concept is to make a difference for our customers. In 2018, we are always committed to providing our customers with a better all-encompassing service, focusing on the production of safe and easy-to-use laser equipment and a more comprehensive education curriculum. To bring different customers laser, different Maker education. Make lasers safer and easier to educate.

At the end of the meeting, to the presentation session. Thunderlaser set up three awards: Outstanding Newcomer Award, Outstanding Employee Award, Outstanding Department Manager Award, announced and issued by President Chen.

Outstanding Newcomer Award

Outstanding Employee Award

Outstanding Department Manager Award

The new year is a new starting point. In 2018, we firmly believe that the flames will be more splendid! Remains to be seen!

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