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The Education Of STEAM | A Maker Festival To Achieve The Maker Dream

September 24, 2022

Foreword: In Dec.13, the 18th Youth Science and Technology Festival (Maker Festival) and the First STEAM Education Carnival in Futian district, Shenzhen city was ended perfectly in Qiaoxiang Foreign Language School. More than 5,000 students from more than 80 schools in the whole district took part in 36 science and technology competitions, and more than 1,300 pieces of works was exhibited. This is a grand maker party.

As one of the modern representatives, Shenzhen focuses on creating international innovative talents in the modern education construction Innovation in science and technology is not only the first impetus to lead development, but also the road of children’s future. Improving the quality of science and skills and strengthening the capacity of young people to explore science and technology are an important part of our modernization education.

The Youth Science and Technology Festival (Maker Festival) highlights a lot, a number of successful guest works brilliant show. Among them, Thunderlaser in this guest day by teachers and students of all ages; magical universal artifact gathered on-site focus, it is a combination of innovative ideas in the form of display in front of people, inspired young people’s imagination and curiosity. The atmosphere of a live maker also ignited the excitement of Maker./p>

The enthusiasm of the activity site was so high that the crowds were on the scene. Novelty fun, very interesting, brilliant scientific and creative works make the scene of teachers and students amazed. Different from the past, Thunderlaser for the Year of the Creator devoted a new maker of vitality, but also let the scene to experience the laser STEAM Maker education full return.

This year is the fourteenth year of the Youth Science and Technology Festival in Futian District. The education department of Futian District has always been adhering to the concept of “letting students see science, science and science, and using scientific concepts to improve students’ innovation and practical ability, Junior creators who show their wonderful. Thunderlaser studio engaged in education, is intended to promote “to improve the ability to make ideas into reality,” actively make universal machine become the country’s young partners, brave to show creativity, courage to achieve creative, brave life Own!

Creative work show

Good ideas need to be inspired and good ideas need to be realized. Embrace the spirit of creating customers, cultivate hands-on ability to practice, gather the power of creation, to achieve our dream Maker!

“Technology Leads Dreams, Innovation Changes the Future!” Let’s work together in the laser STEAM Maker Education path toward the vision of the future!

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