STEAM Education| Toys Makeover

September 24, 2022


Preface:On May 8th,Thunder Laser’s partner MG Making Space successfully held an activity of toys makeover. The little participants are very content with the activity.

Concentrating on their imaginative works, these little engineers are in a universe of magic full of fun and technology, too! The suspended sharks are cruising among the busy kids to explore new ideas. Lightning clouds with little inspiration burst wonderful luster. Even the 3D pancake machine print onsite sweet and delicious Iron Man cookies to treat the kids! Cheer of surprise and the applause of praise comes wave after wave, pushing the entertaining event to its climax … Children open up their curious eyes, develop their hands-on ability and enjoy their own imagination and creation here, to get a new starting point and unlock their potential and extra talents!

Let’s take a look at the toy makeover process through the photo time machine.