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STEAM Education | Thunder Laser settled in Chaihuo Makers Space to create the new future of China maker education

September 24, 2022

Foreword: In the end of June, Thunder Laser cutting machine, the maker space standard equipment officially settled in shenzhen Chaihuo creation center. In this uneventful July, there are bound to be something extraordinary: There is a successful laser training course in the shenzhen Chaihuo creation center.This activity has enhanced the relationship between Thunder Laser and China’s top maker of Chaihuo Makers Space. The two sides reached consensus, worked together and made progress together. Thunder Laser will also provide strong support in Chaihuo’s equipment, technology and STEAM education tutorials.

Chaihuo is an organization of public welfare, organized by members to share knowledge, creative communication and collaborative creation. Chaihuo Makers Space means ” Many hands make light work”, to provide a free and open collaboration environment for Maker, encourage cross-border exchanges, promote creative realization and productization. The space provides basic prototype development equipment such as 3D printer, laser cutting machine, electronic development equipment, mechanical processing equipment, etc., and organizes the maker party and various levels of workshops.On January 4, 2015, Chinese premier Keqiang Li visited Chaihuo Makers Space during his visit to shenzhen and became an honorary member of Chaihuo.

Technology manager Tom and after-sales engineer Ben of Thunder Laser, to keep improving on the technology with laser cutting machine for the research object. In this time of training activity, how do they teach the laser cutting machine safe operation knowledge to students quickly by their own professional technical knowledge? Does the course design of the system give students another harvest?

Ben told the parts of machine safety for makers.

In the process of using laser cutting machine, the stability of the system and safe operation are vital for professional or non-professional personnel. Ben said that Thunder Laser’s machines are humanized in design, system performance and operation aspects, and have multi-layer protection, such as: Visible red dot pointer, ensure the laser line clearly;Open cover protection, eliminate the risk of false opening;Water cooling protection, safe and reliable refrigeration system;Super – temperature sensing, easy to cut flammable materials;State alert, always know the running state;Emergency stop protection, a key stop to ensure safety;Toughened glass, make sure the laser does not leak; and turn on the key, avoid the wrong operation and so on.Moreover, the laser cutting machine of Thunder Laser is almost a standard tool for maker, which is suitable for STEAM education, maker DIY and advertising design. .

Ben told the software operation section.

Then, Ben introduced a laser software suitable for STEAM Education, LaserMaker. This laser software developed by Thunder Laser, it is friendly and easy to use. At present, the LaserMaker is very popular in STEAM Education market, especially the popularity of the teenagers. Because it make the first-time user feel simple and easy to use for contacting the laser cutting machine.

The site maker will operate the software.

The site maker will operate the software

In addition, Ben showed you how to use laser cutting machine and how to use the cutting machine in the field. He made amazing wooden frame glasses and mobius strip by cutting machine, which had widened makers’ horizon greatly.

On-site person assemble the glasses independently

Try wearing glasses on site

At the end of training activity, all people were still full of enthusiasm and around our staff to explore deeper issues together.

Discussed the principle of laser

The happy time always passed quickly, Thunder Laser’s first phase of the machine training activities in Chaihuo Makers Space had a perfect ending, but our journey has just begin. Let us look forward to more cooperation together, lead more people into the world of the makers and welcome to join Thunder Laser and Chaihuo Makers Space together.

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