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STEAM Education | Maker Faire Xi’an, shout out to the world you are Maker!

September 24, 2022

July 15, 2017 to July 16, 2017, the world’s largest international laser maker in the ancient capital of Xi’an was held. This traditional culture & scientific and technological innovation of the collision, this is a splendid feast that cannot be missed, and ultimately with excellent maker carnival ended successfully. The seeds of a maker, growing in different cities

Live to Make -maker is a way of life. In today’s society, public opinion is talking about the whole business, but innovation is often forgotten. In fact, everyone can become a maker, an excellent enterprises from the “make”began.

This is the most scientific and technological, cutting-edge, innovative activities in the eyes of everyone, how to “play” out of the state, “play” out of practice, “play” to share and “play” out of the realm. Thunder Laser with you to play a new height of life, take you to play the whole maker of the world!

Passionate summer, the enthusiasm of the audience seems to be higher, Thunder laser maker activities of the scene was a sea of people. International maker trainer Luke and Hong Kong famous freedom maker Ming and other super master to join, make Thunder Laser in this combination with the Xi’an local culture STEAM education is bound to be a remarkable, eye-catching activities. The Thunder Laser steam education and maker activity will be more and more important to audience. Ordinary people like us, can also be good at creative, and you are going to be a Maker.

A state of playing.

“Just because of having one more glance in the crowd at you” They do not consciously play with the small partner “knock down the windmill game” If you want to play more better, you can ask Luke instructors how to better play this gun! Play out of them, play out of the state, play out of the Thunder Laser STEAM education fun.

My work is assembled by me

Want to be a real Maker, play is not still your ultimate “trump card”, can turn your creativity into a reality of work is the most attractive time.

On-site creative hand-painted

A young child like me can be use a LaserMaker of software.

Play to bring not only fun, more important is “share”. It is a kind of good character and habit to share as a pleasure in Thunder Laser STEAM education course. When we build on the spirit of respect for creativity, sharing will become more meaningful.

Hey, friend, look at my work!.

In the STEAM education, will be creative into reality is not the most powerful, will practice, will share is far from enough, the most important is “whether to play become a realm.” Thunder Laser establishes STEAM education course, multi-disciplinary integration of comprehensive education, intended by the comprehensive application of disciplines to solve practical problems, while training a comprehensive talent. Students are not only in the process of learning to achieve a better idea, but also in practice with the continuous increase of partners and to make the world will be changed by “play”.

Use the scanner to turn my idea become a design drawing.

New partners are increasing, and the world become more wonderful because of us Enjoy the creative, enjoy the make, more important is thunder laser STEAM education courses.This time, Thunder Laser to participate in such as a wonderful feast.It never rains but it pours. From all over the world of maker seeds, enjoy the infinite wonderful by maker, enjoy the culture by the ancient capital, and enjoy the magic by Thunder Laser cutting machine. Because of Xi’an, out of the ordinary, because of thunder laser, more distinctive!

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