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Participate in the 2022 Robo World laser display ODIN

February 1, 2023

laser exhibition

The laser engraving machine of Thunder Laser was exhibited at BoardTech&David’s “2022 Robo World”.

Robo World was held in the first exhibition hall of Yishan International Convention and Exhibition Center from October 26 to October 29, 2022.

laser exhibition

Laser has tiles.

Among them, this exhibition displays [ODIN] and samples processed by various engraving machines.

laser exhibition

The [ODIN22] model worktable is a 560 * 380mm Honey Com worktable, and a five-phase stepping motor is installed on each shaft, which can realize fast, smooth and precise processing.

laser exhibition

Air-cooled RF laser type, which can be processed accurately and quickly. Many people are amazed by the samples of wood, leather, acrylic, anodized aluminum oxide and so on.

laser exhibition

laser exhibition

Foreign customers are also interested in the precision processing samples.

It is a brand recognized by quality and performance among many brands in the world. What is more popular overseas is that in South Korea, you can purchase through [BoardTech&David], responsible for after-sales service and other processes.

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