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Korea and Malaysia Agents’ visiting in Thunder Laser

July 21, 2023

From July 11th to 18th 2023, our Korea and Malaysia agents came to China and visited us. During this period, Thunder Laser participated an important exhibition in Shanghai, and we are glad that they seized the chance to meet us and foster a deeper mutual understanding.

malaysia agent

Our Malaysia agent, David, is an outgoing and sociable person, who proved to be immensely helpful during the Laser World of PHOTONICS CHINA exhibition held from July 11th to 16th 2023. We provided him with training on the features of our latest machines, enabling him to effectively introduce Thunder Laser to foreign visitors. Together, we also explored other booths and shared insights on relevant industries.

malaysia and new zealand agent dinner

After the exhibition, David visited our company on July 18th. During his visit, we engaged in friendly and profound conversations, and we even had dinner with New Zealand agent Mike together. The exchange of different perspectives enriched our understanding and contributed to the improvement of Thunder Laser’s development.

korea agent

Our Korea agent Mr Choi is a courteous and humble person, maintaining a cordial relationship with us for quite some time. On July 17th, He made a brief trip to visit us, but demonstrating his earnest desire for deeper cooperation. We showed him around, introduced our new product “Aurora” to him, and exchanged ideas about the future development of Thunder Laser. The day concluded with a pleasant dinner, further solidifying our relationship.

Thunder Laser value both online or offline communication with our agents and customers. We firmly believe taht our advanced products and enhanced mutual understanding will continue to strengthen the bond of friendship between us.

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