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Korea Agent Choi’s Visiting in Thunder Laser

February 27, 2024

On February 26, 2024, our South Korean agent Choi visited China and arrived at Thunder Laser’s company to pay us a visit. It was a profound and enjoyable exchange.

Our collaboration with Choi dates back to 2017, marked by a longstanding and deeply rooted trust. The last time we met was in July last year when Choi joined us at the Shanghai expo. This year, his visit in early February was primarily to discuss our newly launched product, the Thunder Bolt Laser Machine.


After guiding Choi through the changes within our company premises, we convened in the conference room to introduce and discuss the Thunder Bolt, including its advantages, features, and sales strategies. Subsequently, we personally operated the machines together, focusing on demonstrating the practical operation of the Thunder Bolt, enhancing his understanding of the new model.

Thunder Laser values collaboration and communication with agents, aiming to deepen their understanding of the machines and the company, and jointly formulate more reasonable sales. We uphold a responsible attitude, ensuring that agents present the product’s most authentic advantages during the sales process and provide customers with the highest quality service. We hope to continue improving together hand in hand.


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