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2022 SIMTOS laser engraving machine exhibition concluded successfully

February 1, 2023

laser exhibition

laser exhibition

[Simtos2022] Thunder Laser held at Yishan International Convention and Exhibition Center last week

As the largest mold technology manufacturing exhibition in the Republic of Korea, various samples were set up in the exhibition hall.

laser exhibition

Shown [NOVA] and [ODIN]

Paper, leather, acrylic, plastic, fabric, rubber and other materials.

laser exhibition

[Odin] The laser cutting machine uses acrylic fiber to process the chessboard, and displays the samples of high-precision processed pictures of people and animals. Looking at the sample plates processed by various materials according to the patterns, many people were surprised at the performance of the Thunder Laser.

laser exhibition

The [NOVA] series shows the [Nova-35] model with a processing area of 600 * 900 mm, while the [Ordin-22] model with a processing area of 400 * 600 mm.

laser exhibition

In the samples of [Nova-35], the three-dimensional wood frame attached to each piece of wood after processing has attracted much attention.

laser exhibition

[ODIN-22] He showed great interest in the precision processed samples of animal and human photos on leather, the marking on anodic aluminum oxide and the marking on zipper lighter.

In the future, laser will meet customers at domestic and international exhibitions.

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