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2018 FESPA Europe exhibition in Munich

September 24, 2022

Thunder Laser is successfully exhibited at the 2018 FESPA Europe exhibition in Munich from May 15th to 18th

Germany laser cutter

FESPA Europe is the most influential and largest advertising event in Europe, and the rapid growth of the digital printing industry and the rise of the market for advertising images has led to the industry’s producers to showcase their goods and services on the world stage and attract new technologies.The industry covers a wide range, including digital printing, marking, laser, screen printing, engraving and other industries.This is why the FESPA is hosting a major exhibition of the industry in Europe.

Germany laser cutter

Nova35 is the model of the FESPA , it is very popular model, the size is 900x600mm, for cutting and engraving is very accurate.
The Nova35 is the ideal laser cutting machine—no matter if you are starting your own business or want to speed up current production, laser cutting and engraving wood, plastic, acrylic, fabrics and many other material has never been more efficient. This CO2 laser engraver has the highest quality components which ensures minimal maintenance requirements.


Germany laser cutter

This show has been very successful, and we are very grateful to FESPA for giving us this opportunity to let more people know about our brand. Visitors are very satisfied with our machine, the exhibition products also brought them a lot of surprises. Through this exhibition, it is a matter of pride to show our machines to customers and gain recognition.

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