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Optional Accessories

Rotary Axis

Rotary Axis

Rotary engraving equipment was used to extending THUNDERLASER system application, as a optional component, It can be used for cutting and engraving round items…

Air compressor 480x269 1

Air compressor

The high pressure and low noise air compressor offered by Thunder Laser co2 laser engraving machine includes two parts: the high pressure and low noise air compressor and the water separator…

Focus lenses

Focus lenses

As a rule of thumb, the following applies to the focus lenses: the more detailed the graphics, the shorter the focal length in laser engraving. The thicker the material to be laser-cut, the greater the focal length should be. For this reason, Thunder offers you three different lenses for perfect results.

CCD CAMREA 480x269 1


The CCD is used for laser cutting, and a camera is loaded on a common laser cutting machine to visually identify patterns, precisely align and cut, automatically find edges, track the cutting line of the edge of the trademark or locate feature points, continuously and automatically display and move for shooting, and automatically cut the trademark on a full-page basis, thereby greatly improving the accuracy and production efficiency of high-standard cutting.

Wifi Kits

Wifi Kits

The wifi attachment allows your device to connect wirelessly to your machine over a wireless network. This accessory allows your laptop to wirelessly connect and control your devices without the limitations of cables.


Lightburn Software

Thunderlaser exclusive lightburn DSP license key

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