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Unleash Your Creativity with Laser Engraved Products

October 18, 2023

Laser engraving is an exciting and passionate work. You can learn many cool stuff from here. Do you know how laser works? The high-energy laser beam comes from a stimulated rare earth material or gas mixture.

A laser engraving machine then transfers these laser beams through optical fiber and finally to the laser gun. This laser gun shoots the laser beam on the workpiece surface and increases the temperature on that particular area.

In this way, a laser engraving machine engraves different materials and creates various designs and letters. This result can make a wide range of laser engraved products.

odinlaser engraver

Interesting, right? You will be surprised to know that you can engrave almost anything using a laser engraving machine. You may wonder how. Note that a typical thunder laser engraver can engrave on metal, wood, plastics, leather, glass, paper, and many more.

In addition, you can also make various laser engraved products. For example, tumblers, signage, leather equipment, invitation cards, and wooden frames are noteworthy.

So, the importance of laser engraver machines in making laser engraved products is incomparable. With this aim, we prepared this article highlighting the popular laser engraved products.

You can navigate through this article and learn more about the products. In addition, you can also get valuable ideas perfect for your business.

Laser Engraved Products

Due to the ease of laser engraving technology, we can often see the use of these machines in our nearby workshops. You can engrave almost every material, from metal to paper. Consecutively, you can make a wide range of products.

All you need is a perfect thunder laser engraving machine and user-friendly software. That’s it. Design your ideas on the software and modify it as you like. Then, insert the design file into the laser machine. Now select the focusing machine and place the workpiece. Start your machine, and boom! You have created your first laser engraved piece.

In the following, we will explore the eight most popular laser engraved products. We have categorized this list based on different materials. In addition, we will mention some popular laser engraved product names of that particular material. We hope this guide can help you generate a business idea.

Laser Engraved Wood

wood engrave

Engraving on wood typically laser engraved products requires a low-power laser engraving machine. You can decide between 25-120 watts. Besides choosing the suitable laser engraver, choosing the right wood also matters. Note that different types of wood provide varying densities, grains, and colors. These properties affect the laser engraving results.

Home DécorPersonal ItemsGifts & KeepsakesBusiness & Promotion
Wooden Wall ArtWooden keychainsCustom Cutting BoardsBranded Wooded Boxes
CoastersWooden Phone CasesPersonalized Picture FramesLogo Engraved Pens
TablewareJewelleryWooden PlaquesCorporate Awards
ClocksLuggage tagsCustom Wooden SignsWooden Signage
Decorative BoxesWooden WatchesEngraved Photo AlbumsBranded USB Drives

Laser Engraved Metal

laser engraving metal key ring

Laser engraved products – metal is usually a highly reflective material. Sometimes, it might be challenging to work with metals using a laser engraver machine. Besides, metals typically have high thermal conductivity and melting points. In addition, they are extremely hard and come with smooth surfaces. Therefore, choosing a suitable laser engraving machine is a crucial step.

While choosing the laser power, first think about what type of metal you are going to engrave. Is it a sheet metal, hard metal, or solid bar? Typically, metals like aluminum and coated metals may require laser power ranges from 20 – 50 watts. On the other hand, stainless steel and brass require 50 – 100 watts. Finally, for engraving and cutting, thick metal sheets may require higher laser power than 100 watts.

It’s important to note that CO2 lasers are generally not suitable for direct engraving on untreated metals and are more appropriate for materials like oxidized aluminum or coated metals. For engraving on most metal materials, a Fiber laser is the more suitable choice.

Personal AccessoriesIndustrial PartsPromotional ItemsArt & Décor
Engraved JewelryCustom Metal PartsLogo KeychainsMetal Wall Art
Personalized WatchesMachine TagsBranded LightersDecorative Metal Plates
Metal Dog TagsIdentification PlatesCustom Metal MugsMetal Sculpture
Engraved CufflinksNameplatesCustom MedalsMetal Engraved Mirrors
Metal Business CardsSerial Number TagsBranded Bottle OpenersMetal signage and other artwork

Laser Engraving Leather

laser leather wallet

Laser engraving on leather is pretty cool. It lets you personalize wallets, bags, and more with intricate designs, text, or even your doodles. Typically, for these applications, the minimum power rating is 40W. Besides, choosing the right leather and colors is also crucial for quality laser engraved products. According to experts, smooth and light-colored leather usually works best for clear engravings.

Personal AccessoriesFashion & ApparelCorporate GiftsHome & Décor
Engraved WalletsPersonalized BeltsLogo Embossed NotebooksLeather Coasters
Monogrammed BagsEngraved ShoesCustom Desk OrganizersLeather Photo Albums
Leather KeychainsCustom Leather JacketsCorporate Logo JournalsEngraved Leather Placemats
Leather BraceletMonogrammed HatsBranded Pend HoldersCustom Leather Wall Art
Engraved Luggage TagsEmbossed HandbagsExecutive Leather PortfoliosLeather Engraved Clocks

Laser Engraving Cloth

laser engrave fabric

Laser engraving on cloth is a nifty way to add personalized designs or logos to various fabric items. For most fabrics like cotton, linen, or denim, a low to medium laser power of around 30-60W watts typically works well. It gently removes the top layer of fabric, revealing a nice, contrasting effect. Note that smooth and natural fabrics tend to give the best results. It’s like precision painting with a laser.

Personal ApparelHome TextilesPromotional ItemsAccessories
Custom T-ShirtsPersonalized TowelsBranded Tote BagsEngraved Scarves
Monogrammed HoodiesEmbroidered BlanketsLogo-Printed CapsPersonalized Gloves
Engraved HeansCustom Pillow CasesLogo-Emblazoned ApronsLaser-Etched Patches
Embellished DressesEngraved TableclothsPromotional BandanasCustom Socks
Laser Printed JacketsPersonalized CurtainsCustom FlagsCustom Headbands

Laser Engraved Glassware

laser etching glass

Like other materials, laser engraving on glassware is a cool way to jazz up your glass collection. Whether it’s wine glasses, beer mugs, or shot glasses, you can personalize them with names, logos, or funky designs. When it comes to laser power, using a lower to mid-range power of around 20-30 watts should do the trick. Besides, it creates a subtle frosted or etched effect on the glass, adding a touch of class to your drinkware.

DrinkwareGlass DécorAwards & TrophiesPromotional Items
Engraved Wine GlassesPersonalized VasesCustom Glass AwardsLogo-Printed Glass Mugs
Monogrammed Whiskey GlassesGlass Candle HoldersCrystal TrophiesBranded Glass Coasters
Custom Beer MugsGlass SculpturesCorporate PlaquesEngraved Shot Glasses
Laser-Etched Champagne FlutesDecorative Glass BowlsRecognition PlaquesCustom Glass Ornaments
Engraved Pint GlassesEtched Glass MirrorsEmployee AwardsCustom Glass Water Bottles

Laser Engraved Paper

laser paper 3D card

Laser engraving on paper is like crafting magic on a page. You can create intricate patterns, text, or even delicate paper art. You can create intricate patterns, text, or even delicate paper art. For most paper types, a low laser power setting around 10-20 watts should work wonders. The gentle power range ensures precise and intricate engraving without burning or tearing the paper.

StationeryInvitations & CardsPackaging & LabelsArt & Décor
Custom StationeryLaser-Cut Wedding InvitationsEngraved Packaging BoxesLaser-Engraved Wall Art
Personalized Greeting CardsLaser-Printed Save the DatesBranded LabelsCustom Paper Sculptures
Monogrammed NotepadsEngraved Thank You CardsLogo StickersPaper Cutout Silhouettes
Custom LetterheadDecorative PaperCustom Gift TagsLaser-Engraved Posters
Engraved Business CardsElegant Event InvitationsEngraved Wine LabelsPersonalized Papercrafts

Laser Engraved Acrylic

acrylic cutting

Personalized signs, awards, or decorative pieces are popular laser engraved acrylic product types. Typically, a laser power of around 20-40 watts is usually perfect. Smooth acrylic sheets work best for a clean finish. Plus, clear acrylic gives an excellent 3D effect when engraved from the back. Remember to test different power levels to achieve the desired depth. It also ensures your acrylic is free from any protective films or coatings.

Awards & PlaquesSignage & DisplaysHome DécorPersonal Items
Custom Acrylic AwardsEngraved Acrylic SignsAcrylic Wall ArtPersonalized Acrylic Keychains
Laser-Etched PlaquesBranded Acrylic DisplaysAcrylic CoastersMonogrammed Acrylic Photo Frames
Crystal TrophiesEngraved Business SignsAcrylic ClocksCustom Acrylic Jewelry
Corporate RecognitionCustom Acrylic AwardsEngraved Acrylic MirrorsPersonalized Acrylic Trophies
Acrylic Achievement AwardsRetail SignageDecorative Acrylic VasesEngraved Acrylic Badges

Laser Engraved Brick

brick engrave

Finally, laser engraved brick is one of the most profitable fundraising products. You can also read the article “Laser Engraved Bricks.” You can learn more about laser engraving of pavers. In addition, this article highlights the opportunities you may have from laser engraved bricks. Typically, a higher power of 60 – 100 watts of laser power is suitable for engraving fundraising funds.

Commemorative BricksBuilding SignageDecorative Bricks
Engraved Memorial BricksLaser-etched Address BricksDecorative Garden Bricks
Personalized Paver BricksCustom Building Name BricksEngraved Retaining Wall Bricks
Donor Recognition BricksLaser-Engraved Wall BricksCustom Walkway Bricks
Charity Fundraising BricksBranded Entrance BricksEngraved Brick Artwork
School Legacy BricksDirectional BricksBrick Wall Murals

Final Thought

Let’s wrap all things up! Throughout the whole article, we have discussed laser engraving on various materials. And it’s been pretty cool. Laser engraving lets you add a personal touch to everything, from leather foods to glassware and even bricks. But what’s crucial is picking the right laser power for the job.

For wood, go for 30 – 100 watts for general use. For metal, it is all about type and thickness – lower power for softer metals and higher power for heavy-duty jobs. When it’s leather, keep it under 60 watts. And on glassware, think 20-30 watts for a classy frosted look. With paper, go super gently at 10-20 watts. Acrylic? Try 20-40 watts for that slick finish. Lastly, you’ll need some muscle for bricks, so 60-100 watts is the way to go.

Above all, remember, test runs are your best friend. So, get your laser power right, and let your creativity run smoothly and efficiently.

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