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West Park Wood Shop

Here’s a vibrant laser studio specializing in woodworking and decorative art! They introduce themselves as “A family who is living in a dream.” They came together, determined to share their artistry and creativity through hand-crafted art and wood projects. Their mission is to take the ordinary to the extraordinary by customizing wood signs, home decor, and art for their clients.
Based in the USA, this company purchased the Thunder Laser Nova as their laser equipment. The Nova is ideal for customizing large-scale and bulk products, providing excellent support for laser-based businesses. You can see photos of the family with the machine – a large and efficient tool that has significantly contributed to their laser customization endeavors.
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West Park Wood Shop, as their name suggests, primarily focuses on creating wooden products using laser technology. They undertake numerous projects involving large, design-centric wooden furniture, which constitute a significant part of their work. The Nova helps them customize large, intricately processed pieces that, when assembled, form beautiful furniture.
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In addition to large pieces, they also create smaller custom signs and decorative items for clients. Text and patterns are cut, engraved, and colored before being pieced together, resulting in three-dimensional and striking artworks. If you have a creative idea or concept for customization, West Park Wood Shop can bring it to life!
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Besides client commissions, they continually develop their own design ideas, producing a constant stream of impressive laser creations. If you’re looking for laser-made items with the durability and aesthetic appeal of wood, they are an excellent choice. Let West Park Wood Shop help you create exciting laser products!