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Tony Hammett and His PeakHandmade

Tony Hammett is the Founder and Maker of PeakHandmade, turning his passion for laser customization into a business. He started laser engraving, cutting, and creating in his garage years ago. When he realized he needed more space, he moved to the basement and built his workshop and office there.
Laser customization never goes out of style, because creativity is endless, and lasers bring it to life. Tony Hammett grew his laser business by buying a second laser, more tools, and materials. He and his wife Lisa work in their workshop 6-7 days a week, using Thunder Laser machines.
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PeakHandmade specializes in making custom wood, acrylic, and slate items. These materials work well with laser machines and produce amazing results. On their website, PeakHandmade offers various products like Kitchen & Barware, Tools, Signs, and Awards, with starting prices listed. You can choose what you want to customize and send your design, and then PeakHandmade will quickly provide high-quality products for you.
Besides wood and acrylic, slate laser engraving is one of their unique products. Slate is heavy and dark, creating a strong contrast with light text and patterns engravings, which gives a different visual impact. In fact, slate awards are one of PeakHandmade’s special products. Customers often choose slate for meaningful custom awards because they think it looks and feels more premium than wood or acrylic.
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The Nova 24 plays a huge role in Tony’s laser business. It can engrave and cut materials accurately, and its large work area and pass-through door allow for batch production and working on big items. Since 2020, PeakHandmade has made many products and brought countless ideas to life. If you’re interested in laser customization, they can use their rich experience to help you create what you want. They also sell their creative laser products in their physical store, offering many choices for customers.
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