Timothy Lampe With His Thunder Nova 51

Timothy Lampe is an enthusiast active in the Thunder Laser Facebook group, utilizing our Thunder Nova 51 100W machine to create numerous works. He might just be like any other laser machine user like you, crafting impressive laser products on a personal basis.

With extensive experience in CO2 machines, Timothy Lampe previously used one while working in the R&D department of a model aircraft company before acquiring a second personal machine for home use. After purchasing the Thunder Nova 51 100W model in December 2021, this third laser machine became his new favorite. It found its place in his studio, ready to assist in his future laser creative projects.

thunder nova customer 3
This machine did not disappoint him. He excitedly shared within the Facebook group, expressing surprise at the Thunder Nova 51 100W’s low power consumption and high precision. He conducted numerous experiments with the machine, creating both simple and complex works. For example, in the image below, he combined birch plywood and latex art paint to create a large quantity of work, producing an attractive and practical map.
thunder nova customer 6
In addition to individual personalized works, the spacious working area of the Thunder Nova also helped him easily mass-produce customized items. Combining acrylic sheets and wood materials, he crafted trophies for the Academy of Model Aeronautics air racing championships (pylon racing).
customer 1
thunder nova customer 4
Timothy Lampe is exactly the type of enthusiast who pursues laser creativity with passion. The Thunder Nova machine assists him in creating custom items of interest, occasionally producing small batches for others. He actively shares his successes or doubts within the Facebook community, engaging in open discussions with others. If you too are an enthusiast whose primary occupation isn’t laser-related, Timothy Lampe might resonate with you. Keeping your passion for laser creativity alive, laser machines can continually bring you surprises.
thunder nova customer 5