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James Faucett and His Hat Company

James Faucett worked in the real estate industry for twenty years, and now owns a hat company selling patch hats. His company is called Rebuy Apparel, where he serves as both the owner and Patch Scrubber. Laser machines have made a huge contribution to the design of his hats. He makes decorations for the hats out of materials like felt paper and leather, mass-producing many distinctive hats for customers.
Hats and clothing serve similar purposes – they can decorate and express one’s spirit, so many companies or groups have a need for customized hats. James Faucett saw this need and started his company, beginning to customize hats for different clients using laser machines. The hats they make come in a wide variety with creative designs, using lasers on already distinctive hat styles.
rebuy apparel 1
rebuy apparel 2
Generally, clients ask to have their company or group’s logo engraved, and sometimes get creative decorations too. Baseball caps are a favorite for most clients. They can shade from the sun, be worn any season, and have a strong decorative effect. Felt hats also have demand in winter to keep heads warm while displaying group symbols. Each hat style has its strengths, and lasers make them even more unique.
Rebuy Apparel has social accounts like Facebook showing real-time updates, and an official website with comprehensive information, allowing customers to easily communicate with them, resolve confusion, or place orders. James Faucett and his employees diligently run this site, where you can see how people enjoy these custom hats and give positive feedback. You can tell how much happiness these hats bring!
rebuy apparel 3
Of course, laser machines can play a role outside of business too. Besides customizing hats, James Faucett often uses a laser in daily life to customize items for himself and family. In the second half of 2023, he purchased a Thunder Bolt machine, further advancing his leather patch hat business while unleashing more creativity. You can see he customized his dog’s image on this cutting board.
rebuy apparel 4
If you’re also interested in custom hats, check out Rebuy Apparel. Lasers can light up your life and career!