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Anne Ahmet Rasmussen And Her Maps Designs Studio

Laser technology enables the creation of distinctive products. For anyone starting their own laser business, finding a specific focus and making it stand out is crucial. Anne Ahmet Rasmussen is a prime example, utilizing a Thunder Laser Machine to specialize in custom map designs, founding her own Maps Designs studio.


The studio’s Facebook account has been active since 2021, spanning nearly three years. Anne offers map files and laser-cut custom map products, featuring various designs including cityscapes, lakes, and topographical maps, crafted into items like clocks and pendants.


The most common customized product in Anne’s workshop is customized map displayed in picture frame. It often incorporates carving and cutting techniques to denote topography, with varying shades of blue indicating water levels. Specific locations and compass points are also engraved, enhancing clarity and usability.


laser custom maps 1
laser custom maps 2

Coloration adds diversity and visual impact, with green representing terrain elevation in addition to blue for lakes, creating striking contour custom map. Such pieces resemble vibrant decorative art, customizable with unique color schemes.


Beyond large-scale maps, clocks and pendants offer practical yet artistic applications for customized maps. Transforming detailed maps into three-dimensional décor enhances both functionality and aesthetic appeal. With innovative ideas, custom maps can adorn a wide array of items.


laser custom map 7
laser custom map 6
laser custom map 5

Anne’s Maps Designs Studio continues to thrive on Facebook. Customer feedback, often in the form of testimonials and images, praises the studio’s high-quality, meticulous work. Success in the laser industry relies on both quality equipment and dedicated craftsmanship. With determination and direction, laser technology can significantly contribute to your endeavors.


laser custom map 4