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House of Lasers

Case Study Details
Client Name:Legacy Laser
Laser Model: Nova35
Major Business:Customization Gift
Year Completed:2022
Website: www.peakhandmade.com
Company Profile:We offer an exclusive laser cutting and engraving services. We utilize various mediums such as glass, acrylic, wood, rubber, leather and more.

Who We Are

hol log

For those that don’t know me.. I am the owner of Legacy Lazer , I started House of Lasers (forum and YouTube) and now I am happily part of Team Thunder Laser USA. I will be the silly little man that conducts your Specialized Trainings.

I first came on the scene with my light up acrylics.. Getting me noticed and earning me a spot on MotorHead Garage. I then became one of Lightburns Beta testers, helping push their photo capabilities to its limits. I am gratefully now known as one of the photo gurus of the laser world.

Being on the beta team gets me access to new features so I can test them and learn them inside out to pass them along to you the Thunder user. I am super happy to be part of this team and hope to help and inspire many of you to achieve your laser goals. Sign up Here!

Sample Photo

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