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Greg Sandidge and His Eagle Creek Engraving LLC

Greg Sandidge owns a Nova51 100W laser cutter and is one of the active users in the Thunder Laser Cutter Facebook group. He is the owner of Eagle Creek Engraving LLC, where he runs his laser engraving business with dedication and passion. His laser machine has greatly contributed to the growth of his business.
The Facebook account for Eagle Creek Engraving LLC was created in early 2021, aiming to turn clients’ concepts into creations by collaborating with them to make gifts that leave lasting impressions. Like other laser studios, they offer a wide range of laser cutting and engraving services, customizing laser products for clients using diverse materials. They frequently customize many wooden laser products.
nova 51 100w eagle creek engraving llc 2
In addition to wood products, Greg Sandidge also takes on creative client orders that involve different materials. He enjoys challenging himself, constantly stepping out of his comfort zone to create more unique laser products for his clients. At the same time, he is not hesitant to communicate with clients, understand their needs, and share the joy of receiving laser products with them, which makes his work progress more smoothly.
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Greg Sandidge is undoubtedly an ambitious and responsible laser creator, leading him and his Eagle Creek Engraving LLC to success. His Nova51 100W laser cutter’s large working area and powerful cutting capability make his work possible. If you need custom laser products, you can seek his help, and he can surely produce results that meet or even exceed your requirements!