Case Study Details
Client Name:Kyle Moffatt Stick
Laser Model: Nova35
Major Business:creates Laser Cut Signs, Decor, and GIfts,
Year Completed:2022
Company Profile:I currently run Sticks & Doodles, an Online Marketplace, and Regina Family Business that creates Laser Cut Signs, Decor, and GIfts, We love e-commerce and are continuously developing better systems to get our products to the people that need them.

Who We Are

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I should have taken Jesse Schneider‘s advice three years ago and bought a Thunder off the start…


And within 3 months it was clear we made the wrong decision for our business.

But you learn – and we made the order for a Nova 35!


If you are still on the fence, and browsing this page debating whether to upgrade…

Here’s our story – that Thunder 35 let us scale so fast that one year later, we just put in an order for a 51!

We love the machine, the brand, the community, and it’s because of that jump that we now find ourselves in seven stores locally and are now starting the journey of looking for a commercial home for our business.

Thanks to everyone here for answering all our dumb questions over the last year and solidifying just how good this decision was!

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