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Don Lambert And His City Models

Don Lambert is a user in the Thunder Laser Facebook group who has utilized laser manufacturing to assist in creating his stunning Train Room. He has fabricated numerous car and train models, opting to use laser machines to aid in his manufacturing process.
Having spent considerable time in the College of Engineering, Don Lambert stepped into the role of Director of Emerging Technology and AI Services at ITS. His passion for cars and trains, like many enthusiasts, leads him to invest time and money into his hobbies during his free time. Building the Train Room and city models is his creative outlet, with laser machines playing a significant role.
laser city models 1
laser city models 2
Cars and trains cannot run without roads, and cities appear dull without a variety of buildings. Hence, laser machines became Don Lambert’s choice. By utilizing laser cutting, he can easily manufacture models of buildings, bridges, and roads, step by step creating a three-dimensional city.
Thunder Laser not only enables the production of large-scale models but also excels at cutting intricate details, making it highly versatile. With flexible use of laser machines, city models can become richer and more engaging.
In addition to city models, Don Lambert also uses laser engraving on other everyday items, such as custom patterns and text on cups. With bold ideas and actions, laser machines can greatly enhance your creative pursuits, as Don Lambert has demonstrated. Thunder Laser welcomes more customers to join in laser creation!
laser city models 3
laser city models 4