How to Use a Rotary Device?

When laser processing, in addition to objects that can be placed horizontally on the honeycomb platform, we may encounter cylindrical objects that are difficult to fix. In this case, we can use the rotary fixture accessory for the laser machine to easily process cylindrical objects.

Operation Steps

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●Lower the honeycomb platform to a certain distance to allow placing the machine’s rotary fixture equipment.

Place the rotary fixture on the honeycomb platform, ensuring it is level with the guide rails. The honeycomb holes on the platform provide a good reference, as they are on the same horizontal plane. Use them as a reference to place the rotary axis horizontally. The placement angle is closely related to the final engraving angle of the product.

rotary device 1

●Use a horizontal line intersecting the honeycomb holes as a reference to place the rotary axis.

Connect the machine’s power cable to the laser’s socket to connect the rotary fixture to the laser.

Secure the object to be engraved on the two sides of the rotary fixture by adjusting the tightness of the fixture’s clamps. For smooth objects, you can attach sandpaper to increase friction. At this point the clamps are still a bit loose, so use a magnet at the back to secure the entire fixture and prevent the clamps from loosening – this is crucial.

rotary device 2
●Confirm the three points are secured, completing the machine installation portion.
rotary device 3


●Click the rotary setting, select chuck type, open start rotation. The object diameter data needs to be measured before installation. The first data to fill in is fixed (this is related to the bearing gear).

●Send the file to the laser.


●On the laser control panel, click menu, select Z-axis rotation, use the left and right arrow keys to control the rotation direction of the rotary fixture.

●The auto-focus probe needs to move to the center point of the test object for focusing.

rotary device 4

●Press the file key to select the file to be engraved, confirm it is the desired file.

●Click position, then run border to check if the engraving file range is fully on the object. If confirmed, click the start switch to begin laser engraving.

rotary device 5

Video Tutorial

You can also watch our video tutorials for a more intuitive explanation. Welcome to our YouTube channel to get more laser-related knowledge!