Thunder Laser vs. Other Brands

There are many laser machines with different specifications and prices on the market, so why should you choose Thunder Laser? Laser machine users can provide you with reasons for consideration from various aspects. Many laser machine professionals or enthusiasts will evaluate and compare different machines, and you can search and learn about them on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Here, we provide a video from a user comparing the Xtool P2 55W CO2 and Thunder Nova 35 100W CO2 lasers. The blogger first compares the two machines in terms of price, working dimensions, power, features, speed, after-sales service, and provides a spreadsheet. The second half demonstrates tests using the two machines on materials like slate, birch plywood, and acrylic. At the end of the video, the blogger evaluates that one machine is suitable for small businesses or hobbyists, while the other is suitable for large enterprises or professionals. You can watch his evaluation based on your needs or search for more comparisons on social media or video platforms.