Thunder Laser: Your Reliable Chinese Laser Machine

Why buy from us?

1. Trust - Many customers have doubts about ordering a laser machine from China. We have an endless list of customers you can call to verify that we are a legitimate company that will provide what it promises. Purchasing a laser machine is a large investment and we understand that. We will do whatever is needed to prove to you that we will deliver what we say we will deliver. We have built a network of customers that will attest to the quality of our machines and customer service. We will ensure you laser machine arrives safely at your front door step.

2. Quality – Our lasers are built with quality materials.Our machines come with a one year parts guarantee. Our dream is to keep providing good quality machine and after sales services to every customer. We are cooperating with another company in USA and we will provide tech support together so you can rest assured you are getting the best value for your money.You will receive support from a native-born American to help you with any issues you may run into.

3. Service – We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service in the industry. We are here to answer any questions you may have about your machine and also to help you get it set up and running. We can even train you to clean and maintain your machine.

4. Cost –Ours are more in the $8k-$10k range. You will save money on shipping cost because we ship multiple machines at a time and there will no hassle with US Customs. We can easily get them to you. We will also be able to get you main parts you need faster. Usually, overnight mail from China is about 7 days.With our container in USA, you could have your part soon.

5. Reputation - Before you order the machine, you can search "Thunder Laser" or other company name on and you can see the comments about our company, which will reaffirm your trust in us. CNCZone is a third party resource that actively reviews products like ours and also provides a forum for troubleshooting

6. Support – We have many how-to videos on our YouTube channel – this is in addition to the manual you will receive with your machine.

What you get from us

We listen to our customers and are constantly improving our products.

When you buy a Thunder Laser machine you get:

  • 1.USA local support – A native English speaker to help you with your problems
  • 2.Faster engraving and cutting = more profits for you!
  • 3.We test all of our laser tubes before we send them out
  • 4.Lower shipping costs
  • 5.Laser is shipped to your front door
  • 6.Ability to easily receive any replacement parts quickly as needed so your machine is not down for weeks at a time

Tech Support in USA

  • 1. Fast response time on tech support through phone, email, Skype, and Facebook during working time.
  • 2. We also have videos on our website and YouTube channel
  • 3. According to our experience, email, phone calls and Skype can solve most problems. If we still are unable to fix the problem, we will physically come to your location to fix the problem. We will charge you reasonable service fee, it would depend on the distance.

How do I order my Thunder Laser machine?

Tell us about what you will be using the machine for so we can recommend a suitable machine for you.

Send your address and zip code to our email and we can calculate shipping cost for you

You can go to our showroom to see and test the machine (and compare to some of our competitors)

We require payment up front due to currency fluctuations.

The voltage of our machine is 110V

In about a month your machine will arrive at your front door step!