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How to setup wireless network connection for Thunder laser machine

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Here’s what you’ll need:

● A computer with wireless capability;

Almost all laptops have wireless capability built-in, but most desktop computers do not have wireless built-in.

● A wireless router;

● An Ethernet cable;

● A Thunder laser system

1. router setup

Use the Ethernet cable to connect the wireless router to the Ethernet port on your laser system. Connect the power to the router.

2. Configure computer

Go to Start>>Control Panel>>Network and Sharing Center.
Right click on your Wireless Network Connection and then select Properties.
In Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) Properties window select Obtain an IP address automatically, like below.

After that, click OK to exit all windows.

3. Configure laser cutter machine

Go to LCD Panel>>Z/U Button>>IP config+.
Default machine IP:, and you should set the Gateway same with router IP.
Our router IP is, so set gateway as, like below:

4. Configure laser cutter software

Add and select the Web port on rdworks, like below.


Note: please check the current IP for computer and router and avoid IP address conflicts from the laser machine and software.


If you have further question about this set up, please with our tech