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How do I replace the drive shaft module?

Release Time:2017/03/22 Component maintenance Browsing Times:3052

Firstly, disconnect the machine from its power source

Disassembly procedure:

Prepare M3/M4/M5 Allen Wrench

Tips:Loosen in anticlockwise, tighten in clockwise.

1. Loosen two upper screws on the buckle then take out the belt;

2. Unscrew and remove four screws from the blue base;

3. Unfix two screws on coupling

After that, please remove this drive shaft, like below.

Reassembly procedure:

Tips: put four screws and the belt into the blue base firstly, like below.

1. Insert the shaft into coupling then fix the blue base with four screws;

2. Slide the coupling to proper position as the right sides shown, then fix it.

3. fix the belt, like below.

After that, check and adjust the tension of belt, just refer to the belt of right sides.

①Fix the belt

②Adjust the tension of belt

Please note: please don’t forget to fix the nuts after adjusting belt.