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How do i replace the controller board

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Firstly, turn off the whole machine power.

Remove Old Part:

  1. Open the lower right hand door panel, find the main controller board, like below.
  2. Unplug all connectors on the controller board, then remove 4 screws located on each corner of the board.

Install New Part:

  1. Screw 4 screws to fix the controller board and plug the connectors back to the board except AXIS Y and AXIS X, like below.

  2. Note: the laser head will find home(top left corner) during boot up, if the controller board have not been set as factory setting, the laser head will homing to other corner then cause the accident. So check the setting of the board before putting back the connector of AXIS X and Y.

  3. Turn on the machine to provide power to the board, click ECS button to stop the resetting, then connect the computer and machine.

  5. In software, please check the setting in vendor settings windows.

Open the vendor setting windows: menu bar(top left corner)>>File(F)>>vendor setting>>password:rd8888.

Read the setting of the board by the “Read” button, the progress bar will become blue once read successfully, like below.

Check the breath of X, it should be 900mm for nova35 for instance.

If yes, the controller board is in factory setting, reboot the machine and done after putting back the connector of AXIS X and Y.

Note: if the breadth is not correct, please contact with our tech team: