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Why does the machine beep continuously

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How the heat alarm system works


The heat alarm system is an additional tool for laser machines.

Some materials such as acrylic, wood and so on, can easily catch fire, particularly during cutting.

The heat alarm system has a smart board with temperature sensor which will be reacted by an abnormal temperature (higher than 55°C/131°F) on working table. It will trigger at a certain temperature them signals to TL-Timer board to stop laser processing and give a warning sound, so operator can active fire control in time to reduce the potential losses and risks.

The warning sound comes from signal lamp (roughly 80dBA within 1m, 75dBA within 5m and 65dBA within 10m, the sound gets weaker as it travels).

Note: When heat alarm system is activated, the warning sound will beep all the time until user restart the machine.

How to check when the heat alarm system has needless alarm


l  The smart board has short circuit on temperature sensor

The smart board is installed in the middle under the X-axis rail, see below pics.

About smart board interface description:

  1. 24V DC Voltage Power Input;
  2. Signal Output;
  3. Power light of D1, D1 is in red light while power is on.
  4. Temperature sensor, monitor the temp on the working table
  5. Alarm light of D2, D2 is in red light while the sensor is reacted by a certain temperature.

If the red light of D2 is on and the needless alarm happens, please check first the pin of temperature sensor and make sure two pins are not twined to each other. After adjusting the sensor, restart the machine and see if the machine stops beeping. See below pics.

Tips: In order to avoid the needless alarms caused by the short circuit on sensor pin, we installed a heat-shrink tube on the pin (see below pic). If your smart board has installed it, there will be no short circuit. Maybe the smart board is broken. Please go into next step.

l  The smart board with temp sensor is broken


If you checked the pin of the sensor is ok, the machine is still keep beeping. Maybe the smart board is broken. Please contact

Before you replace it, you can bypass it:

Please open the lower left door, and find the TL-Timer board and unplug the “IN6” connector. See below pic,