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Chiller alarms unusually

Release Time:2018/11/17 laser cutter machine Browsing Times:3852

Chiller lcd panel is showing normal, but the red light on and buzzer beeping.

Here are the reasons:

● Water is not enough

Please check the water level of chiller, like below:

Keep the water level in the green area.

● Water circulation pipes are blocked or water pump break down

Please connect a water hose between water inlet and outlet on chiller to check the water circulation, like below:

Does alarm stop?
If alarm stops, so maybe the water hose in the laser machine was blocked somewhere, please check like below.
If alarm continues, check if the water circulation is normal from the water hose between water inlet and outlet on chiller (Abnormal condition—intermittent water circulation or without water circulation).

● Water flow switch break down

Water circulation is normal, but chiller still alarms.
Please open the cover of the chiller to check the water flow switch.

Cut off the four wires, then connect red and red wire, connect black and yellow wire without water flow switch, then check if the alarm will stop after restart the chiller.
If stop, the switch broke down.