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How to Replace the rollers and adjust the X Axis Shaft?

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1.Please check before adjustment

①Hold and shake it to check if it becomes loose.(Can’t be wobble obviously)

②. In the back of X Axis Shaft have four rollers,both of them should locate on the rail.(can move smoothly)

2. Introduction of the X Axis Shaft

①The X Axis Shaft

②Eccentric gears, which was for adjusting the tension of X Axis Shaft


The tools you needed as follow:(M2/M3 Allen Wrench and Crimp Tool inside the tool box)

3. Adjustment of the X Axis Shaft

①. Make sure the all screws of the four Rollers are tight enough.

However, the X Axis shaft is loosen.

②. Adjust the two Eccentric gears as follow:

First , Hold the screws back of the Eccentric gears;

Next, loose the A screws ;

Then, Rotate B by Crimp Tool to tighten the X Axis Shaft.

Make sure all the Rollers are at the same tension

③. repeat step 1 to check again.