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How to disassemble your Nova

Release Time:2018/11/16 General Question Browsing Times:2544

The Users Guide section will walk you through 6 steps for learning how to disassemble your Nova


Note: There’s glass laser tube inside the laser machine, be careful and do not collide with anything when moving.


Please do as following:

1. Remove the front door, the honeycomb table and the blades. (To reduce the weight and make it easier to move)



2.Remove the Tower Alarm Lamp;

PS : disconnect the wire from the connector ( 24V4 to green ; 24V5 to red ; 0V3 to black )



3. Fix the top lid.


4. Unscrew all the screws at the foot stand. There are 8 screws on each side.



5. Move the machine upper part with a trolley


6. After moving all the parts to your room, please reassemble them by fix 8 screws on each side.