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How to add Reverse compensation setting in software

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Before you use the laser machine.

Please remove the transparent bag from the front of honey comb plate.

The transparent bag has a set of USB flash drive, and an engraving test sample. The USB
flash drive stores software, manuals, libraries, etc… that you will need.

Reverse Offset/Scan Offset compensation settings for this specific machine are included.

These settings needs to be entered into your RDWorks and/or LightBurn settings to
ensure the highest engraving quality.

For every laser machine, the setting is different. So please enter it to RDWorks/LightBurn
according to the card that came with the laser machine.

How to enter it in RDWorks/LightBurn

l  In RDWorks

Please go to Config(s)>>System Setting>>Opitimize>>Scanning(Reverse compensation)>>Add,
then enter the Scan Offset compensation settings in>>OK.




Please enter all the settings on the Card according to the steps.


After that, just need to close this page, the settings will be store automatically.

l  In Lightburn

Please go to Device setting>>Enable Scanning Offset Adjustment>>Add>> enter the settings>>OK.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

After that, select to “OK”, the settings will be store.