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Fire while cutting

Release Time:2021/07/21 Tips Browsing Times:26

laser cutter wood

When we cut thick material if the parameters are not set correctly there is a high risk of fire

There are three possible reasons for this consequence:

1.The speed of cutting is too slow

This can cause excess energy to build up and cause a fire

2.Blowing the air volume is not large enough

Smaller blowing will cause the heat to not be blown away immediately

3.Insufficient power of the laser tube

Cannot provide higher peak energy for cutting

To solve this situation we can use these three methods to improve the situation:

laser cutter wood

1.Set the maximum speed that is sufficient to cut through the material

2.Set higher power for cutting

3.Open the air-assist switch

4.On the machine we can also adjust the knob to get more air volume

laser cutter wood

5.If the air pump can not provide sufficient air volume can also use the air compressor to provide blowing assistance

laser cutter wood

When we adjust the parameter settings, we can get better cutting results