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Thunder Laser Cutter

The NOVA laser cutter carries all the best functions like servo motor and excellent engraving quality with high resolution etc.Users can also choose RF tube to reach an even higher cutting and engraving quality.And we also add much more user friendly designs to this excellent series.
laser cutter
Thunderlaser New product in 2020, the Odin series is combined with small size, compact, high quality engraving and cutting at a low cost. With 3G acceleration and 80 IPS engraving speed provide a super fast engraving in the industry. And the RF tube allows fantastic beam signature and air cool, you don’t have to worry about freezing. The gantry payload is minimal and is super smooth.
Odin Laser Engraver
Class 1 laser cutter comes with the same features as Nova laser cutter such as motorized table, servo motors, air assist, smart board etc. And the main difference is that the Class 1 safty systems have safety circuit, which is designed to meet CE Class 1 standard. It will cut the power supply when users were detected to use the laser improperly. If your circumstance requires a safer laser machine, this model can meet your needs.
class 1 laser cutter
Our desktop Mini 60 40 watt laser engraver is a suitable tool for basic makers to start. Cutting, marking and engraving is just the beginning. Combine to create a huge array of designs and products.
laser cutting machine